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16 startups selected for the IMPULSE program

After a call for applications and more than 350 projects received, the program IMPULSE carried by the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) delivers its first verdict. 16 startups have been selected as part of the acceleration program that will begin on January 15 and will end on April 8 during the Demo Day. These startups represent 3 continents with an African predominance. They offer a wide variety of innovative products and services that can enhance OCP’s capacity to better contribute to global food security, says UM6P.

List of selected startups:

AGROOP: AGROOP develops a cloud and connected objects solution for crop monitoring, resource management, risk prevention and optimization of agricultural production.

ColdHubs: ColdHubs manufactures cold rooms powered by solar energy, allowing traders and farmers to preserve perishable goods.

DataFarm: DataFarm processes geo-localized agronomic data from farms to identify limiting factors and increase yield.

eProd: eProd Solutions provides technological solutions for assessing the safety and nutritional value of agricultural products.

Esoko: Esoko provides a platform that connects the rural African community to financial services, markets, and consultancy and information services.

Farmcrowdy: Farmcrowdy offers farmers smart farming solutions, quality seeds, and market access to increase their profits.

FoodLocker: FoodLocker offers a platform to connect producers to their customers.

Hydro Barley: Hydrobarley offers a forage production solution at competitive prices from a hydroponic system.

LONO: LONO is a bioprocess engineering company, providing solutions for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses to recycle waste into fertilizer.

Moldiag: Moldiag develops diagnostic solutions at competitive prices for the detection of several disease markers in humans, animals and plants.

Safi Organics: Safi Organics decentralizes fertilizer production and facilitates farmers’ access to quality fertilizers.

SATGRIE: SATGRIE offers sensors that collect and analyze soil data in order to define the nutritional needs of cultivated plants.

SAYeTECH: SAYeTECH develops machines to increase the productivity of the African farmer and reduce waste.

Social Lender: Social Lender helps financial institutions offer social reputation based services to ensure better financial inclusion.

Strayos: Strayos optimizes operations at industrial sites to help it with an aerial image processing solution.

TROTRO Tractor: TROTRO Tractor allows small farmers to access tractors and other machines via a digital platform.

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