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2020 starts with higher fuel prices

The price of a liter of diesel rose to almost 9.82 dirhams, up 23 cents compared to the previous pricing grid, with slight variations (from one to two cents) between the various service station brands in Casablanca. Gasoline for its part goes to 11.06 dirhams, up 15 cents.

Pump prices rose New Year’s night, which does not seem to be the last to start this year in light of recent increases in international oil prices.

The prices of fuels sold at service stations should register more on their upward trend since prices are rising slowly, but surely on the international markets.

The price of a barrel rose to more than 68 dollars during the last days of December compared to 60 dollars in early November.

This increase seems to be set to continue given several factors, in particular, the limitation of production in 2020 signed between the main oil producing countries, and the expected boost in energy demand following the warming of economic relations between the United States and China, which is expected to materialize with an upcoming agreement.

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