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2030 World Cup: Spain and Portugal abandon Morocco

Spain and Portugal will be candidates for the organization of the 2030 World Cup, turning their backs on Morocco. It must be said that it was predictable for a long time.

UEFA has always disagreed with the idea of ​​a World Cup organized between two continents. It was decided not to include Morocco in the Spanish and Portuguese project. Both sides have announced that it is time to fight for the organization of the World Cup, according to the official website of the Spanish Federation.

Our Iberian neighbors will therefore begin their journey together to host the 2030 World Cup. The Federations of both countries have made a detailed analysis and believe that they have the necessary conditions to host the biggest football event. The governments of Spain and Portugal, for their part, support the decision.

Recall that it was the Spanish Prime Minister who proposed to his Moroccan counterpart a tripartite organization during his visit to Rabat. A few days later, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin insisted, during his re-election as head of the body, that he is against the issue and does not prefer candidacies shared between the confederations.

However, Spain and Portugal were not of the same opinion until UEFA revealed at its Council, its decision to support the United Kingdom, which also intends to organize the Cup of the world.

The two Iberian neighbors have therefore decided to crush the Moroccan dream to make the sweet eyes contain old and the President of UEFA, Slovenian Ceferin.

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