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3000 tonnes of dried fruits and vegetables exported by Morocco

3000 tonnes of dried fruits and vegetables, this is what Morocco exports every year.

In Morocco, two categories of dried fruit predominate beyond the great diversity. Fluffy dried fruit that undergoes natural drying on the tree or drying on a rack. In this category, we find dried apricots, dates, figs, grapes. Also, there are nuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

Thus, Morocco exports around 3000 tonnes of dried fruits and vegetables. However, he notes that the latter does not have a great diversity in its outlets. Indeed, the main customers in this sector remain the countries of the European Union, which even constitutes the only outlet. And this, with Germany in the forefront.

The dried fruit sector is generally poorly organized and responds to two modes. The first is of a cooperative type, established for a long time, and mainly focused on the production and marketing of conventional products: figs, almonds, nuts, dates, etc. As regards the latter, world demand is growing. Indeed, the latter have recognized nutritional values. Current world exports are destined for around sixty countries around the world. However, significant potential exists for 23 additional destinations which represent the most promising markets, even summarily conditioned. The second mode is of an industrial type, of recent establishment and focused on the production, packaging and marketing of local or imported products. It is currently experiencing rapid development linked to the extension of the network of large and medium-sized sales areas.

However, the magnitude of the benefits of dried fruits means that their consumption is increasing. The coverage of needs therefore turns to imports from Spain, Egypt and the Middle East. Exports of dried fruits from Morocco currently count on around 3,000 tonnes.

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