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5 million masks produced per day in Morocco

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy Moulay Hafid El Alamy (MHE) held a meeting this Monday with a representation of the Confederation of Pharmacists Unions of Morocco (CSPM) and the Moroccan Association of Distributors Pharmaceuticals (AMDP). On both sides, several points which have remained unclear for national public opinion have been clarified.

The supervisory minister notably announced following this meeting that “more than 13 million masks to protect against the Coronavirus pandemic have been distributed to date”.

MHE stressed that Morocco “produces more than 3.2 million masks per day”, and that it will start producing, from today, Tuesday, “5 million units per day”.

He added in this regard that his ministry has “decided to provide citizens with these protective masks, by selling them in more than 60,000 local shops (grocery stores)”.

Regarding the volumes sold in detail, Minister El Alamy explained that the boxes designed for 50 and 100 protective masks “will no longer be sold.” The change in production leading to the distribution of boxes of masks containing only 10 units, “to better protect citizens from the risk of contamination,” he said.

President of the Confederation of Pharmacists Unions of Morocco (CSPM), Mohamed Lahbabi stressed that “pharmacists respond to the call of the fatherland in a spontaneous and patriotic manner, even if the Ministry of Health does not involved at any time.”

He added that the body of pharmacists “is ready to participate in the distribution of quality bibs, subsidized and which cost 0.80 cents”.

It is also he who announces that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry “is seeing how to collaborate with pharmacists, so as to switch to pharmacies (grocery stores, and local shops) without a shortage in the market, since the supply of pharmacies will be via wholesale distributors of medicines”.

The spokesperson for professionals in the sector also said that “hydroalcoholic gels will be exclusively dispensed in pharmacies”, as well as 96° ethanol.

That said, Mohamed Hababi said that other meetings will follow to put in place these provisions, while recalling that “pharmacies do not yet have subsidized protective flaps”.

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