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“50 million trees” will be planted throughout Morocco

The national day of the environment, which will be devoted to the planting of 50 million trees, is a “young idea” that continues to mature, attracting from day to day the attention of various stakeholders, said the initiator of this project, Jamal Berraoui.

Initially, the introduction of this day throughout the national territory was just a simple idea, said Berraoui, indicating that a significant number of stakeholders have adopted, which will become a project well programmed, thanks to the launch of a Hashtag baptized # 50millions of trees.

“There are a lot of people, associations and companies (public and private) who have joined and are ready to take part,” he said.

Regarding the tools that will be put in place to win the challenge, Berraoui said that this initiative should count on the support of local authorities, who must define the places to plant trees, public institutions, in this case the Ministry of Agriculture, which will be responsible for providing seedlings, and citizens who must mobilize and give their time to support this project.

Asked about the planned date to organize this day which is not like the others, Berraoui proposed a holiday, in particular November 18, date of the Independence Day and symbol of the attachment of the Moroccans to their homeland.

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