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514 companies sanctioned for non-compliance with sanitary measures

The Interior Ministry made 514 decisions to close industrial units for failure to comply with the precautionary measures that the authorities recommended in order to combat the spread of Covid19. In fact, since the resumption of economic activities, almost half of the cases recorded in Morocco (47%) have come from employees of all companies and production units, their families and those around them.

The 514 closure decisions concern businesses established in 34 prefectures and provinces. In fact, 98 units are still closed, while the others have improved their situation by committing to comply with the provisions in force. The list of units affected by the closure decisions will be published later, said the department of Aldelouafi Laftit.

The Interior strongly deplored the non-observance of precautionary measures and the appearance of foci of contamination in many production units like the region of Lalla Maimouna, in the province of Kenitra (Frigodar, Natberry Maroc) and from the province of Safi (Unimer Etamar…).

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