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A hundred French tourists stranded at Marrakech airport

180 tourists are stranded since last Wednesday in Marrakech. The reason is simple: the low cost airline Transavia has simply canceled a flight to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport.

Due to unprecedented strikes, Transavia has been forced to deprogram several of its flights this week.

The French were housed in a hotel in the ocher city, at the expense of the company. Transavia is a low cost company, a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group.

To reassure the passengers, Transavia indicates on its website that the next flight is scheduled for August 28th. “A new little charming for families returning to school”. “Angry and helpless, passengers take their trouble.”

The tourists hope that the company will keep its promises, because the setbacks of Transavia seem far from settled. A spokesman for Transavia justifies “an operational problem” concerning the canceled flight of Marrakech.

The CGT, the first union at Transavia, denounces “catastrophic human and material management” in the company. Several strike notices from the pilots, hostess and steward have been filed.

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