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Absence of Mahrez: Polemic on a possible doping of the Fennecs

The forced absence of African championship captain Riyad Mahrez at Wembley in Sunday’s Community Shield match between Manchester City and Liverpool, as well as statements at Pep Guardiola’s press conference to explain choice provokes a lively controversy in Algeria and the continent.

The Spanish technician justified the dismissal of Mahrez by the fact that the doctors of the City club were unaware of what the Algerian medical team had been able to administer as drugs to Mahrez during the AfCON 2019. It was necessary to allow time at the time to run no risk during a possible doping control. This will have put Manchester City’s chances of winning the trophy that Guardiola’s men raised with a perfect penalty shootout.

These revelations, some have quickly exploited by diverting their contents. Especially the African media which as the course of the case unfolded did not hesitate to shout on the Fennecs. They accused Riyad Mahrez & Co of using illegal products to win the African Cup of Nations held in Egypt.

The CAF have not yet pronounced on this controversy that continues to swell. According to british media Riyad Mahrez, still in this perspective (risks involved in a doping control) should not participate with his club in the first game of the season in the Premier League against West Ham.

He supports this information by the fact that the captain of the Algerian selection is still waiting for the pronouncement of the medical staff of Manchester City about the delay after a medical treatment that Mahrez would have taken in Egypt to heal.

The drugs would be linked to the sinuses and according to the Anti-Doping Agency of Great Britain, traces of such treatments could remain in the system for more than a week and remain even detectable well after. In addition, according to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) many sinus and eye treatments should not be taken during competitions.

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