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AfCON 2019: The complete calendar of the cup

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) kicks off this Friday in Egypt and for the first time in its history, this 32nd edition of the tournament will take place in summer and will compete for 24 teams.

Egypt, finalist of the last edition, will of course benefit from a huge support on its lands. The Moroccan national team is also favorite alongside Senegal, Nigeria, and defending champion Cameroon. The eyes will also turn to Algeria, Tunisia and Ivory Coast, not forgetting the new ones, namely Burundi, Madagascar and Mauritania.

The eyes of lovers of the ball will be especially riveted on stars such as Mohamed Salah, Hakim Ziyech, Sadio Mane or Riyad Mahrez, who will go out of their way to lead their respective teams to the coronation.

The kickoff of this long awaited competition will be given at 9pm with the opening match between the Pharaohs and Zimbabwe on the lawn of the Cairo International Stadium. You will find below the program and the complete schedule of matches.

Group stage

21st of June
Group A: Egypt v Zimbabwe – Cairo International Stadium

June 22
Group A: Democratic Republic of Congo / Uganda – Cairo Stadium
Group B: Nigeria / BurundiGuinea – Madagascar – Alexandria Stadium

June 23
Group D: Morocco v Namibia – Al Salam Stadium, Cairo
Group C: Senegal v Tanzania, Kenya v Algeria – June 30 Stadium in Cairo

June 24
Group D: South Africa v Ivory Coast – Al Salam Stadium
Group E: Tunisia / Angola, Mauritania / Mali – Suez Stadium

June 25
Group F: Cameroon / Guinea-Bissau, Ghana / Benin – Ismailia Stadium

June 26
Group B: Nigeria / Guinea – Alexandria Stadium
Group A: Uganda / Zimbabwe, Egypt / DR Congo – Cairo Stadium

June 27
Group B: Madagascar v Burundi – Alexandria Stadium
Group C: Algeria v Senegal, Kenya v Tanzania – Stade du 30 juin

June 28
Group E: Tunisia / Mali – Suez Stadium
Group D: Morocco v Ivory Coast, Namibia v South Africa – Al Salam Stadium

June 29
Group E: Mauritania v Angola – Suez Stadium
Group F: Cameroon / Ghana, Benin / Guinea-Bissau – Ismailia Stadium

June 30th
Group B: Madagascar v Nigeria, Alexandria Stadium
Group B: Burundi v Guinea – Al Salam Stadium
Group A: Egypt / Uganda – Cairo Stadium
Group A: Zimbabwe / DR Congo – Stade du 30 juin

1st of July
Group D: South Africa v Morocco – Al Salam Stadium
Group D: Namibia – Ivory Coast – Stade du 30 juin
Group C: Kenya v Senegal – Stade du 30 juin
Group C: Tanzania / Algeria – Al Salam Stadium

July 2nd
Group F: Benin v Cameroon – Ismailia Stadium
Group F: Guinea-Bissau / Ghana, Suez Stadium
Group E: Mauritania / Tunisia – Suez Stadium
Group E: Angola v Mali – Ismailia Stadium

Round of 16

July the 5th
Match 41: Leader of Group D – 3rd Group B / E / F – Al Salam Stadium
Match 38: Leader of Group A – Winners of Group C – Cairo Stadium

July 6th
Match 42: second in group B and second in group F – Alexandria Stadium
Match 39: Group A Leader – 3rd Group C / D / E – Cairo Stadium

July 7
Match 37: Leader of Group B – 3rd Group A / C / D – Alexandria Stadium
Match 40: Leader of Group C – 3rd Group A / B / F – Stadium of June 30

July 8th
Match 43: Group E leader – second in Group D – Suez Stadium
Match 44: Group F leader – second in Group E – Ismailia Stadium


July 10
Match 45: winner of match 38 v winner of match 41 – Stade du 30 juin
Match 48: Winner 42 v Winner 39 – Cairo Stadium

11 July
Match 47: Winner 43 v Winner 40 – Suez Stadium
Match 46: Winner 37 v Winner 44 – Al Salam Stadium


July 14th
Match 49: Winner 45 v Winner 46 – Stadium of June 30
Match 50: Winner 47 v Winner 48 – Cairo Stadium

Third place

July 17th
Match 51: Semifinalists – Al Salam Stadium


July 19th
Match 52: The winners of the semi-finalists – Cairo Stadium

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