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African security forum looks at the impact of climate change

Rabat welcomes until December 3rd the 4th edition of the Africa Security Forum, event under the theme “The Impact of Climate Change on Security in Africa”. This meeting chaired by Driss Benomar will discuss initiatives, in order to provide concrete and adapted responses to the challenges facing the continent.

Co-organized by the Atlantis Center for Strategic Studies and Research, and the International Forum for Security Technologies (FITS), it brings together representatives from 35 African countries, as well as 400 personalities and experts. The objective is to provide answers to the impact of climate change on the security of African populations.

The continent is indeed facing a complex problem: the number of people suffering from undernourishment in Africa is estimated at 240 million today. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a rise in temperature between 1.2 and 1.9 °C could blow up the number of undernourished Africans. This increase would affect West Africa (+95%), Austral (+85%) East (+50%), Central (+ 25%). Worse, the impact of malnutrition on the development of African children and the future of the continent has been estimated between 2 and 16% of GDP by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). A figure that raises many concerns knowing that 2 billion people will live in Africa in 2050.

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