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Air France launches special flights between Paris and Morocco

Air France is set to launch new special flights between the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech, and Rabat in Morocco.

The flights will operate starting August 17 until the end of Morocco’s state of health emergency. The Moroccan government decided on August 6 to extend the state of emergency until September 10.

The Air France flights departing from Paris are reserved for Moroccan tourists or students as well as Moroccans residing abroad. Citizens of other nationalities legally residing in Morocco are also permitted on board, as well as the family members of Moroccan citizens and residents.

To qualify for the flights, interested travelers must present a negative PCR test and serological test obtained less than 48 hours before departing. Children under 11 are exempt from these measures, which aim to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Morocco.

The special flights departing from Morocco are reserved for Moroccans residing abroad and non-resident foreigns in Morocco. Moroccan students abroad, businesspeople, and citizens traveling for medical care must have exceptional authorization from the prefecture of their province in order to benefit from the special flights to Paris.

When Royal Air Maroc had to cancel special flights from Morocco to France from August 3 to 10 due to travel restrictions from French authorities, Air France stepped in. Passengers who had booked Royal Air Maroc flights during this period had the option to rebook their seats with Air France.

Now, Air France has received the green light to go ahead with its own special flight program between French and Moroccan cities.

Travelers in France may also fly to Morocco again via Royal Air Maroc. Morocco’s national carrier announced on August 10 it will extend its special flights program to accommodate the new set end date of the state of emergency.

The special Royal Air Maroc flights are open to the same groups as the Air France flights, and have the same Covid-19 testing requirements.

Morocco opened its borders on July 15 to Moroccan citizens, residents, and their families. Since then, Morocco has welcomed home thousands who were stuck abroad due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, and bid farewell to foreigners who were unable to depart the country before borders closed. The airlines authorized to operate flights to and from Morocco include Royal Air Maroc, Air Arabia, and now Air France.

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