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Air France: Paris-Casablanca flights resume soon

Air France will operate flights between Paris and Casablanca in the next few days. Travelers can start booking their tickets on the website of the French airline.

These flights will start from June 8, according to a simulation carried out on the airline’s website. Thousands of French or Franco-Moroccans are still stranded in Morocco due to the closure of air traffic. A restrictive measure taken by the Moroccan authorities to curb the spread of coronavirus in the kingdom. If the repatriation of French or binationals from certain countries to France takes place more or less easily, that of Morocco to France turns out to be complicated.

“On the Moroccan side, it is much more complicated. The authorities have closed the Moroccan sky, so there are no planes. For each route, France must discuss each flight step by step to obtain authorization that a flight arises. We are at 7-8 connections per week for probably another 10,000 people to bring back. We have weeks at this rate… “, explained, on Monday, Anne Genetet, LREM MP for French from abroad.

Despite this reopening of reservations, it remains dependent on the decision of the Moroccan authorities to open, or not, airspace to airlines.

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