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Air traffic drops by 70% in Morocco

The coronavirus health crisis has not favored air traffic. At the end of November 2020, Moroccan airports welcomed 6523369 passengers, a decrease of 71.68% compared to the end of November 2019.

In detail, Mohammed V airport in Casablanca recorded 2689222 passengers, down 71.57%, against 144688 passengers (-75.41%) for Marrakech-Menara airport and 551533 passengers (-70.13%) for Agadir-Al Massira airport.

In November, 374731 passengers passed through the airports. In all, Mohammed V Airport recorded around 45% of this traffic, a decrease of 78.21% (168313 passengers). Like Casablanca airport, Marrakech-Menara experienced a decline of 94.42% to 31878 passengers against 25725 passengers (-84.46%) for Agadir-Al Massira.

With regard to domestic traffic, it stood at 82699 passengers, a drop of 67.5%, against an 83.24% decline in international traffic (292032 passengers). This result affects all markets, especially that of Europe, which generally represents more than 80% of global air traffic.

In addition, 5185 aircraft movements were carried out last November, a decline of 68.99% compared to the same month of the past year. While Casablanca airport posted a 46.09% traffic rate, Marrakech-Menara recorded 8.91% against 7.70% at Agadir-Al Massira. In addition, the air freight activity recorded a decline of 31.58%, or 5716.36 tonnes in November 2020.

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