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“Al Mada” sells its stake in Sevam glassworks to “Brasseries du Maroc”

The Moroccan investment fund “Al Mada” sold to the local subsidiary of the French group Castel the shares it held in the capital of the Sevam glassworks.

The specialist of the production of beverages and wines “Brasseries du Maroc” (recently become Company of the drinks of Morocco) did not communicate on the amount invested for the redemption of the manufacturer of glasses and bottles. It is nevertheless known that this acquisition will allow the Moroccan brewer to produce its packaging (glass bottles) for the packaging and sale of its products.

Gathered a few months ago in a general meeting, the shareholders of “Brasseries du Maroc” decided to diversify the company’s activity. The brewing and malting company will soon be marketing food products and providing payment services in Morocco and other European markets.

It should be remembered that, for the 2017 financial year, “Brasseries du Maroc” recorded a growth of 3.3% in its “beer” business.

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