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Algeria: Former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia risks big

It is the Algerian television which reports the information Saturday. The Sidi Mhamed court in Algiers has summoned former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and Mohamed Loukal, Minister of Finance and former Governor of the Bank of Algeria. They are accused of “squandering public money and undue benefits”.

The situation is bogging down in Algeria where dozens of activists from the National Democratic Rally (Ouyahia is the secretary general), have organized a rally in front of the national headquarters of the party to demand his departure.

According to Algerian Media, this is a first in Algeria, since the justice had never summoned a minister of finance and a former prime minister in Algeria, a month and a half after his dismissal from the government. “The prosecution has not provided any details on the nature of the facts alleged against Ahmed Ouyahia,” the Algerian media reports.

Media also claims that after the brutal fall of Bouteflika, “the former prime minister was left unprotected”.

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