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Algerian singer Soolking provokes Moroccans anger

Algerian singer Soolking found himself in the midst of a controversy he would gladly have passed. During his concert held Saturday, June 22 in Bilbao, Spain, the singer committed a blunder that provoked the anger of Moroccans. He has indeed raised the flag of the SADR, to the chagrin of his fans in Morocco who have not failed to express their indignation after this gesture for the less unexpected.

Faced with this wave of criticism, Soolking broke the silence and posted several stories on his Instagram account to defend himself. The singer thus apologized to the Moroccans, saying he believed that the flag he was given was that of Palestine.

“During this evening, which was organized by a Moroccan, I was handed the flags of Morocco and Algeria before spinning me that of Western Sahara. I did not know that this entity had a flag. I waved it, thinking it was Palestine. I did not even look at it. Believe me! I did not do it in bad faith. In addition, there were Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians among the public. Now, I apologize to all the fans I hurt. Know that I understand nothing in politics,” defended the singer, before publishing a photo of him with the flags of Morocco and Algeria.

And to add: “We are North Africans and Muslims. This incident is a futility that should be forgotten. I’m not crazy to want to hurt my fans in the Maghreb, those countries that supported me and welcomed me”.

On social networks, Internet users have not hidden their disappointment. If some accepted these excuses and realized that Soolking was simply trapped, others, less understanding, did not mince their words to get down the singer.

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