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Amadeus presents its New Development Model

The Amadeus Institute published a memorandum called “100 Proposals for a Sustainable, Fair, Inclusive and Innovative National Development Model”. Sectorial and transversal proposals in the fields of economy, investment, social justice, human capital, trust, society and international roots of the country are presented.

In this memorandum, four axes have been identified as the pillars of a new foundation of development. It involves the creation of new growth spaces for the economy, the reinforcement of modern governance that is both forward-looking and close to the citizens, the emergence of Morocco’s human capital and the strengthening of the country’s position in its economy in international anchorage.

Some 80 experts in politics, economics and associative actors, Moroccan and foreign contributed to the realization of this work. In addition, a benchmark of the growth models of six comparable countries in Morocco namely Chile, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Romania and Vietnam has been achieved.

The participatory approach adopted by the Institute aims to highlight the need for a revision of the national development model from a multidimensional point of view, through the consideration of all endogenous and exogenous factors. that impact the country.

“To understand the development model from the simple point of view of economic growth would be ineptitude and a more than partial answer to the need to restore confidence in the future, but also to establish a more just and inclusive society”, emphasizes Brahim Fassi Fihri, founding president of the Amadeus Institute.

The memorandum is available on the Institute’s website (https://www.amadeusonline.org/).

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