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American CA Technologies withdraws from Morocco

The American publisher CA Technologies is leaving Morocco. This global giant of complex operating systems that manages, among other things, mainframes (mainframe computers), distributed computer systems and virtual machines, has just liquidated ORSYP Morocco, an entity created eleven years earlier.

After the first years marked by a proven dynamism in the lap of the French group ORSYP, which had landed in our country to boost sales of its flagship software “Dollars Univers Solutions”, a benchmark at the time in terms of automation of IT production in all types of environments, this former subsidiary based in Casablanca experienced a certain instability in the wake of a waltz of mergers and acquisitions having provoked in barely five years, a progressive dismantling of its first parent company. Also, six years after the creation of ORSYP Morocco, ORSYP France and all of its subsidiaries were acquired by the Austrian software engineering group Automic, most of whose offshore bases were located in Asia.

Barely integrated into this group based in Vienna, which belonged to the Swedish private equity giant EQT (which weighs more than 60 billion euros in assets under management), ORSYP Morocco went under the flag of the in January 2017 American CA Technologies which acquired Automic for 600 million euros (more than 6.5 billion dirhams). Knowing that the new master had just absorbed a dozen Israeli startups in the field of new technologies, Morocco was simply sacrificed for the benefit of other countries (notably Israel, India and China) which today concentrate the main off-shore production and R&D sites of the CA Technologies group, which capitalizes nearly 19 billion USD (nearly MAD 180 billion).

The burial without chrysanthemums of ORSYP Morocco, is reminiscent of the liquidation in 2009 of Marsofim, which was hardly a few years earlier, one of the main IT distributors in Morocco, before the French group to which it belonged (SOFIM), was bought in 2000 by the Dutch Systemat, which ultimately preferred to withdraw from the Moroccan market.

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