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Antonio Guterres: “The Need to Deal With Climate Change”

Climate change is moving faster than efforts to counter global warming, said United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Speaking Monday in Katowice (southern Poland) at the opening of the summit of the 24th conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mr Guterres, lamented the impact devastating climate change in many parts of the world, regretting the inadequacy of the actions undertaken to capitalize on the enormous social, economic and environmental opportunities of climate action.

The Secretary-General of the UN then claimed to have come to the COP 24 meeting to deliver clear messages: first, science requires a much more ambitious response, then the Paris Agreement is the right framework for action to implement and finally the international community to assume the collective responsibility to invest in the prevention of global climate chaos, to consolidate the financial commitments made in Paris and to help the most vulnerable communities and nations.

“We also have a collective responsibility to help the most vulnerable communities and countries such as island states and the least developed countries by promoting adaptation and resilience”, he said, stressing the need to make clear efforts in mobilizing the $ 100 billion for these states.

At the preparatory meeting for the climate summit, held the day before, the participants appointed the Polish Deputy Environment Minister, Michal Kurtyka, President of COP24, who stressed, in a speech of circumstance, the importance of the summit of Katowice. The decisions to be taken at this conference will indicate a global sustainable development policy for the coming years, he said.

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