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Apple, 15 times richer than Morocco

The World Bank says that the sharp increase in the valuation of the Apple brand (more than 1.8 trillion dollars) is equivalent to the cumulative GDP of the top 10 African economies.

According to the World Bank, the top ten GDPs of the African continent are Nigeria, ranked 26th in the world with 448 billion dollars followed by South Africa (352.4 billion dollars), Egypt (303 billion dollars), Algeria (169 billion dollars), Morocco (118 billion dollars), Ethiopia (96 billion dollars), Kenya (95.5 billion dollars), Angola ($ 95.6 billion), Ghana ($ 66.9 billion) and Tanzania ($ 63.18 billion).

Taken together, these 10 savings add up to $ 1,807 billion in GDP, equivalent to the valuation of the Apple brand. The market capitalizations of companies listed on the continent’s 23 stock exchanges are around $ 1.5 trillion, which is significantly lower than Apple’s.

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