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Argan: Morocco faces competition from Israel

Argan oil, one of Morocco’s treasures. A tree with multiple assets, discovered millions of years ago in the South of the Kingdom, especially in the regions of Agadir and Taroudant. A village where this rare tree grows, is located between Imintanout and Agadir, and bears the name of Argana.

Looking back on the benefits of Argan oil, and how Amazigh women have used it for centuries for various uses including in cooking for prepare dishes (Tagine, couscous, etc.), or even as a beauty product (cosmetic). In fact, tourists from all over the world look for it as soon as they arrive in the Kingdom and buy it in quantity.

Argan oil gives Moroccan dishes a special flavor. It also lists its benefits on the skin as it helps get rid of pimples and wrinkles, hydrates the skin and repairs damaged hair. Cosmetic products made from it are more expensive than food products.

Argan oil is not only used in cosmetics and food, but is also used for medicinal purposes. Indeed, the medicinal benefits of Argan which also treats rashes and other skin diseases and infections as well as acne, while its remains and wastes are used as fodder for livestock.

A rare oil with different virtues. It contains many important nutritional ingredients, including omega 6 and 9, in addition to antioxidants, and various vitamins and fatty acids.

Many countries have tried to plant the argan tree on their land, including neighboring Algeria. It is now located in Tindouf, Mostaganem and Adrar. The United States has also gone through the experience of growing the tree in California and Mexico. But the quality of the oils was not at the level of argan oil of Moroccan origin.

This surely comes down to the quality and fertility of the Moroccan soil. “If nature has given goods like oil and phosphate to certain lands, then she has given the argan tree to Morocco”.

Also with regard to the reproduction of the argan tree in other lands, and after years of scientific research, Israel has succeeded in cloning the Moroccan argan tree, in the regions of Negev and Araba. The country produces ten times as much as the Kingdom, making the Hebrew state Morocco’s number one competitor in argan oil production and international export.

Statistically, more than two million people work in the sector. It is produced on an area of ​​800,000 hectares, which recalls that France is one of the largest importers of Moroccan argan trees, since it represents 78% of the country’s exports in this sector, despite fierce Israeli competition.

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