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Arrival in Rabat of David Govrin, Israel’s Chargé d’Affaires in Morocco

Israeli diplomacy is now an effective reality in Morocco. Indeed, the former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, and new Israel chargé d’affaires in Morocco, David Govrin, arrived in the capital, of the Kingdom, two decades after Israel had closed its liaison office in Rabat.

David Govrin, who was Israel’s Ambassador to Egypt between 2016 and 2020, will therefore endeavor to strengthen Israel’s diplomatic mission in the Kingdom and to expand bilateral political, tourist, economic and cultural ties in accordance with the spirit of the agreements between our two countries.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page, describing the event as a “historic moment” revealed that “Twenty years after the closure of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco, Ambassador David Govrin arrived in Rabat today for hold the post of Israel’s temporary representative in Morocco”. The Israeli Foreign Ministry added on its page that “the restoration of diplomatic relations with Morocco and the return of Israeli diplomacy to Rabat is a great day for the Hebrew state”.

David Govrin, who served as Israel’s Ambassador to Egypt until 2019, speaks Arabic fluently and is an expert on Middle Eastern affairs and Islamic civilization. Govrin entered the diplomatic world in 1989 and rose to various positions at the headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including that of director of the Jordan department and political adviser in the Israeli permanent delegation to the United Nations.

The representative of the Israel Liaison Office in Rabat obtained his doctorate in Islamic and Middle Eastern Sciences from the Hebrew University and is the author of several books and academic articles on Middle East and regional issues. Govrin distinguished himself in particular with “A journey through the Arab Spring: theoretical roots of the shock in the Middle East in liberal Arab thought”, a book born following political and social shocks in the Arab world and which traces the context of what was then called “the revolutions of the Arab Spring”.

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