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Attijariwafa bank 1st contributor to support systems for SMEs

The unprecedented health crisis that we are going through continues to have a significant impact on a large part of the Moroccan economic fabric, like most economies on a global scale, inducing a significant contraction in the activity of operators whatever their size or the sector in which they operate.

However, this impact is even more marked when it comes to small or medium-sized structures such as traders, craftsmen and small businesses, which are more vulnerable and more sensitive to the effects of confinements and social distancing measures. Several sectors such as tourism, catering services, crafts and many others have suffered greatly from this particularly difficult context with a significant drop in their turnover.

The numerous support measures deployed by the Moroccan government, under the High Instructions of King Mohammed VI, have significantly strengthened the resilience of our economy in the face of this crisis and helped businesses to resist the difficulties it has caused.

The banking sector has played a major role in the implementation and deployment of the main measures which have enabled the national support strategy to quickly materialize, in particular through flagship mechanisms such as “Oxygen” and “Relance” which have benefited tens of thousands of Moroccan companies, not to mention the “Intelaka” program which continued despite the context.

The Attijariwafa bank group, as a benchmark societal player in line with its vocation of supporting and accompanying the entrepreneurial fabric, is the first contributor to this dynamic and is actively involved in the deployment of national programs managed by the CCG to benefit as many people as possible:

▪ 46% of “Intelaka” financing granted by the banking sector was granted by Attijariwafa bank with an envelope of MAD 1.25 billion towards 6,500 project leaders.

▪ More than 18,500 “Oxygen” credits granted to companies, of which a majority in favor of traders / craftsmen and very small businesses, for an envelope of MAD 5.7 billion. Attijariwafa bank has thus recorded a 37% share of the “Oxygen” credits distributed by Moroccan banks.

▪ MAD 10.7 billion granted under “Relance” credits for the benefit of more than 12,300 operators, ie 34% of the funding envelope for this program.

In addition to its total mobilization in supporting the programs set up in 2020 to support the economic fabric in the light of this unprecedented crisis, Attijariwafa bank continued and strengthened its policy of proactive financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, in response to their financial needs:

▪ The financing granted by Attijariwafa bank to companies under the Damane Express program represents more than 58% of the credits granted by the banking sector, for an envelope exceeding MAD 1 billion;

▪ More than MAD 5.1 billion granted under the Damane Atassyir and Damane Istitmar guarantee mechanisms.

Finally, Attijariwafa bank has consolidated its position as the leading contributor to supporting the development of the industrial sector, in particular with a share of nearly 47% in the “Istitmar” program of Maroc PME.

But beyond financing, Attijariwafa bank has accelerated and intensified its support for small and medium-sized enterprises with systems adapted to each company profile.

For traders / artisans and very small businesses, Attijariwafa bank has maintained and strengthened its “Dar Al Moukawil” system to provide them with the support they need in these difficult circumstances, by redirecting this support to digital. This is how more than 35,000 VSEs and project leaders were supported during 2020.

The contribution to the deployment and development of the status of the self-employed person also continued to be at the heart of Attijariwafa bank’s entrepreneurship support strategy with the registration of more than 50,000 self-employed. entrepreneurs, or nearly 30% of registrations nationwide in 2020.

For SMEs, Attijariwafa bank has reinvented the customer experience through the launch of the new “attijarientreprises.com” portal combining non-financial and transactional services, to be even closer to businesses and offer them the services of a bank both relational and digital. In addition to online banking, the SME has access to information and awareness-raising modules, in particular on subjects related to the health crisis, but also to networking services, decision-support tools and news analysis and decryption.

The Attijariwafa bank group, in all its dimensions and through all the living forces that make it up, remains mobilized to support the Moroccan economic fabric and will stand, as usual, alongside of its customers to help it materialize the relaunch of its activities in 2021.

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