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BAFTA Awards: Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour nominated

Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour has been nominated for the BAFTA Awards, one of the most prestigious British film awards, for his role as a Syrian refugee in the comedy series “Home”.

The Bafta 2020 appointments were announced late last week after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Moroccan actor, who grew up in Rabat, is nominated in the category of “best male comedy performance” for his role as Sami Ibrahim, in the British series broadcast on Channel 4.

Written by British writer and actor Rufus Jones, the series tells the story of a Syrian asylum seeker, Sami, who moves in with a middle-class family in south London after being found hidden in the trunk from their car on their return from vacation in France.

Jones wrote the series for the first time in 2015, when anti-immigration waves began to intensify in the United Kingdom in light of the refugee crisis in Europe.

“It is an immense honor to be nominated for such a stellar endeavor,” Youssef Kerkour commented on Twitter, thanking his fans for their congratulations.

Youssef Kerkour (41) left Rabat to join the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in London where he currently lives. He is also known for his roles in the series “Dracula”, “Redemption”, “Criminal” and “Marcella”.

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