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BAM: More than 460,000 unpaid checks in 2018

The number of unpaid checks in Morocco amounted to 460 288 in 2018, representing an amount of nearly 1.4 billion dollars (13.3 billion dirhams), an increase of 6.4% in number and 12.5% in value compared to 2017, according to the last annual report of the Bank Al-Maghrib.

The reasons for the rejections of the checks are not specified by the absence or insufficiency of the provision.

At the end of 2017, the stock of check payment incidents not yet settled amounted to 2.9 million cases, up 4.4%. It corresponded to MAD 85 billion, up 7.5%, representing 9.5% of total demand deposits and an average amount per check rejected of MAD 28 400 (1 dollar = 9.5 dirhams).

This stock must be larger at the end of 2018, despite the adjustments made, given the number and amount of new incidents.

The number of checks issued was up 4.1% to 668,988, of which 87.8% were individuals.

In the trading field, the situation is uncomfortable. Thus, the cumulative amount of unpaid and unregulated standardized bills of exchange amounted to 69 billion dirhams distributed among 1.9 million cases, 62% of which were dominated by natural persons.

The number of incidents soared by 50% and their value by 53% compared to 2017.

The number of people with unpaid standardized bills of exchange reached 117,378, up 22.2%, with 64% of individuals.

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