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Bank cards: BMCE BoA and Mastercard innovate

BMCE Bank of Africa and Mastercard, launched Monday night in Casablanca, new smart payment cards, “to meet the changing needs of high-end customers.” Thus, the BMCE “World Elite” card is the first metallic Mastercard card launched in Morocco.

According to the bank, “it incorporates a range of exclusive services and privileges with high added value, including specific payment caps and withdrawals, enhanced assistance and insurance guarantees, a private concierge service, and unlimited access to trade shows. VIP lounges and fast track services in airports”. This card is delivered with a new generation contactless bracelet, allowing cardholders to perform contactless payment transactions.

The “Platinum Mastercard” card offers various options for withdrawal and payment. It works on accounts in dirhams or currencies and allows you to perform various operations during trips or on merchant sites.

The two partners will also collaborate to set up the Mastercard “Platinum Biometric”, which allows payments to be made by biometric signature, without having to enter the PIN code, via the previously registered fingerprint. This card will be launched, initially, on an experimental basis.

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