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Belgium refuses to open borders to Morocco

Belgium maintains the ban on access to its territory to nationals of third countries recommended on June 30 by the European Union.

This decision was made at a meeting of a select ministerial committee.

The Council of the European Union had published a list of 14 countries (15 if we add China to which a reciprocity condition is imposed) for which it recommends to the Member States of the EU and the Schengen zone reopen the EU’s external borders from 1 July for non-essential travel.

Belgium is not currently acceding to the request of the Council of the EU to also accept nationals from the list of 14 other countries. That an evaluation unit set up as part of the pandemic management, this list will be regularly evaluated, taking into account the epidemiological figures and the regions that would be (re) contained.

The European Union had decided to lift travel restrictions for residents of 14 third countries including Morocco from July 1.

The list of these countries was drawn up on the basis of criteria linked in particular to the development of the pandemic, the overall management of the health crisis and for economic considerations.

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