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Bilal Hassani hit by projectiles on stage

While attending a free concert organized by Radio Scoop in Lyon, France, with several other artists, Bilal Hassani, a young singer of 20-year-old Moroccan origin, was shot at by projectiles.

Several artists have been invited to this free concert organized by Radio Scoop. Amongst others were Ridsa, Black M, Maëlle, Amel Bent and many others who were expected to sing their greatest hits. Bilal Hassani was also there to sing his cult title, “Roi”, which took him to Eurovision.

However, while he was in full execution of this single, Bilal Hassani was targeted by individuals who threw him projectiles that seem to be detritus: papers, towels, … Fortunately, the young artist, who celebrated his 20th anniversary on September 9th, thankfully nothing received.

“These are things that are coming in. I hope that no one has been endangered and thank you to Radio Scoop for the warm welcome. Thanks also to you my lives, your love shone stronger than ever despite the little hazards. The world is crazy, but I’m still dancing,” wrote Bilal on Twitter, denouncing this unfortunate incident, while also referring to his latest single served to the public, during this concert organized by Radio Scoop.

This incident did not discourage fans of Bilal Hassani who, obviously, liked his performance of “Je danse encore”. It has also known the rise of the young artist’s mother on stage.

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