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Boeing: A new flaw of the 737 Max detected

The US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has announced a new flaw in the 737 Max that Boeing must resolve before the aircraft goes back into service.

Last week, FAA pilots tested a flight simulator for false activations of the anti-stall software that hit Max’s nose, the US press reported Thursday citing informed sources. The software, known as MCAS, is singled out in two accidents that claimed the lives of 346 people.

In at least one case, the FAA pilot was unable to quickly and easily follow Boeing’s emergency procedures to regain control of the aircraft. The pilot described the failure as “catastrophic”, which means it could result in the loss of a plane at mid-flight, according to the US press.

Although this situation is unlikely to occur during a normal flight, the US regulator asked Boeing to remedy the situation, it adds.

In a statement, FAA described the issue as “a potential risk that Boeing must eliminate”.

Meanwhile, Boeing shares fell to 2.50 on Wall Street on Thursday after the International Air Transport Association (IATA) put pressure on the US airline to implement the same training program for 737 Max aircraft drivers worldwide.

IATA’s decision came after a summit in Montreal on the 737 Max, which featured representatives from more than 40 airlines, regulators and other companies.

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