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Bouteflika 5th term: The Algerian bomb and the fears of Morocco

President Bouteflika’s fifth term project in Algeria has raised fears in Rabat and several Western capitals. The question of Polisario tutoring and stability in the region is raised.

The earthquake provoked in Algeria by the candidacy of the current Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for a fifth term until 2024, raises questions about the stability of the country and fears for the neighborhood, especially in Rabat, but also in Western capitals. “Even re-elected, Bouteflika can he ensure his office in conditions of appeasement while just initiated a process of questioning frontal the legitimacy of its presidential status?” Asks a journalist of Daily Morocco, which devotes a special term entitled “The Algerian bomb”.

Indeed, protest movements, which are growing in size and will certainly increase in the weeks leading up to the presidential election, could degenerate and plunge the country into chaos. These same events could also be instrumentalised by circles of power to divert them from their path for other purposes. This situation, warns the weekly, would provoke a destabilization of the country, which will have other repercussions on the neighborhood and the diplomatic and political connections of the country. In this wake, “the tutoring on the separatist elements of the Polisario will be ensured?” Asks the journalist. In this regard, he explains , “divisions within the military hierarchy can lead, or push, to feed hotbeds of tension undermining the ceasefire established since 1991”.

Moreover, during the Algerian electoral process and its historical and political aspect, the state of siege decreed in the wake of the results of the legislative elections of 1991 in order to cancel them and to put down the people, the putsch organized the following year, forcing President Chadli Benjdid to resign, and the violence that shook the country, causing more than 250,000 deaths. The situation, of course, is not the same today, but the decision makers who pull the strings of power in Algeria are still the same, namely the leaders of the military institution. This is why the Algerians seem strongly mobilized today, showing their will “to end a regime in which they have probably never recognized.” This is an internal affair that concerns Algerians and Algeria, but any overflow or chaos manipulated by circles of power could have repercussions elsewhere. This legitimizes the fears raised by the journalist.

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