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Brazilian woman arrested at Mohammed V airport

Police members operating at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca on Saturday thwarted an attempt to smuggle 3.11 kilograms of cocaine, the National Security Directorate (DGSN) said.

The quantity of drugs was hidden under the belt and underwear of a 24-year-old Brazilian woman, who arrived on a flight from Sao Paolo, Brazil, while waiting for a connecting flight to the airport of Toulouse in France, says the DGSN in a statement.

They point out that the suspect has been transferred to Ibn Rochd University Hospital to ensure that she does not carry drug capsules in her stomach, before submitting her to a judicial inquiry under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office to reveal the circumstances and ramifications of this case, which crowns the continued efforts of the DGSN’s services to strengthen border control in order to combat the international drug and psychotropic trafficking.

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