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Brussels: The spread of Moroccan “spies” pushing Europe to warn diplomats

The European Union’s foreign policy memo to a number of diplomatic representatives in the Belgian capital of Brussels, revealed that more than 500 spies were deployed in the heart of the European Union capital, including Chinese, Russians and Moroccans, seeking to collect information from ambassadors, consuls and foreign missions to unknown destinations.

According to the EU memorandum, the data available to the European External Action Service showed that a large number of spies, estimated at 500, came to the heart of the European region from China, Russia and Morocco to collect information from diplomats working in certain sensitive interests, Note to the entity to which this information is sent.

According to European media, a warning message from the European External Action Service (EEAS) indicates that they spotted these spies in the heart of the European region and in “very popular”places, including a famous steakhouse and restaurant, calling on European diplomats to avoid these places full of spies and foreign informants.

Chinese and Russian intelligence agencies rely on various ways to obtain information, including reliance on embassy attachés, lobbyists, private agencies, small translation companies, and journalists, including “beautiful trainees who divert attention”.

Brussels is full of spies and intelligence services seeking to gather as much sensitive information as possible, and the information shows that Morocco is also spreading its spies in the heart of the European region. If Russia is deploying its own intelligence forces openly in Eastern European countries, it seems that its ambition is beginning to grow by penetrating the heart of the European capital with 200 spy satellites.

Beijing, which is in a trade and military war with the United States, seeks to know the Europeans’ position on the war and whether it is compatible with a number of geo-strategic points. According to some reports, there are more than 250 members of the Chinese intelligence service, about 200 of the Russian services, in the Belgian capital.

The discovery of the first spy cells in the heart of the European region dates back to 2003, after the discovery of microphones hidden in the European Council building. In addition, it was found in December 2018 that spies had access to the European diplomatic communications network. They would receive copies of special meetings and sensitive information.

To counter this threat, EEAS decided to send a form of warning to European diplomats. In accordance with the present note, these representatives should be aware of the nature of the discussions in some popular locations on the Commission’s work, including restaurants and cafes.

Moroccans and Americans are also among these spy cells, which are often deployed in embassies and companies, noting that “the attachés accompanying diplomats from non-member countries are mostly spies hidden,” as she put it.

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