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Casablanca: Enrico Macias victim of a boycott campaign

Enrico Macias, born in Constantine, Algeria is a French singer, musician and composer. Popular around the world, he turned 80 last December. Enrico Macias made his song debut on his last voyage across the Mediterranean from Algeria in 1961 as he fled the country at war. He is no longer allowed to return there since.

The former teacher who defines himself as a Jew of Berber origin (Ain Abid a commune of Constantine) has chosen Casablanca and his “Megarama” to celebrate, during a concert, Valentine’s Day this year. A whole symbol, especially as the organization of this event, takes part in the launch of a recital at the Olympia in Paris on 9 and 10 February.

But here it is, Enrico Macias has not yet tuned his guitar that already, in Morocco, a boycott campaign has been launched. Indeed, in a letter circulating on social networks, it is asked not to go to his concert. In this letter, it is said that he is not a singer of peace, that he would be under the orders of Israel and that he was even decorated by Israe. The CRIF (Representative Council of the Jewish institutions of France) is not left out, he also refers to his rallies for his cause. The letter is relayed by Sion Assidon, Moroccan activist of Jewish confession and member of the collective Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS).

Art and politics have never mixed. But Enrico Macias also has many fans in Morocco. So, will the Megarama fill up?

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