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CPI: Morocco 3rd best country in the World

The World Climate Performance Index (CPI) ranked Morocco among the top three countries in the ranking behind Sweden and Denmark. In their 2020 ranking report, the organizations “Germanwatch”, “the NewClimate Institute” and “the Climate Action Network”, which bring together more than 350 climate and energy experts, gave Morocco a general …

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Morocco to receive its first Gulfstream G550 spy plane

Two years after the signing of a contract with the American company Raytheon for the acquisition of 4 Gulfstream G-550s, the Royal Armed Forces are preparing to receive, at the beginning of 2021, the first spy plane equipped with ISR technologies, capable of jamming the enemy air defenses. The agreement, …

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Dismantling of a new terrorist cell in Morocco

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) dismantled a terrorist cell on Monday, November 23 in Inezgane. The cell, which was active in Inezgane and Ait Melloul, is made up of three members (26 to 28 years old), said a statement from the BCIJ. Preliminary investigations reveal the link of …

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Morocco launches into the military industry

Morocco can now embark on arms manufacturing after the passage of the law allowing the military establishment to establish industrial arms manufacturing units in the country. The kingdom will have to rely on the military expertise of the United States with whom it has signed a historic agreement for strategic …

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