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Chinese vaccine: Around 2000 voluntary patients in Morocco

Clinical trials of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine will be starting this week. In a statement, Mustapha Naji announced that between 1000 and 2000 Moroccans have volunteered for the trials.

Mustapha Naji, who is the director of the virology laboratory at Hassan II University in Casablanca reported, in this regard, that the volunteer patients will be subjected to several tests to evaluate their state of health and verify that they do not suffer from any chronic diseases. These trials will be carried out at the Casablanca University Hospital and the Rabat Military Hospital. Volunteer patients, from different cities in the Kingdom, will be kept under medical supervision. We will know the results of the trials within 40 days, he explained.

It should be noted that Khalid Ait Taleb, health Minister, had confirmed that the signing of two cooperation agreements between Morocco and the Chinese laboratory “Sinopharm CNBG” (China National Biotec Group Company Limited) is aimed at involving Morocco in clinical trials of a Covid19 vaccine. According to the Minister of Health, this Moroccan-Chinese collaboration will enable the Kingdom to ensure that Moroccan citizens are among the first served in terms of vaccination against Coronavirus.

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