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Chloroquine: Morocco among the world’s precursors

Morocco was among the first countries to supply the chloroquine used in the treatment of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), despite the high demand for this substance worldwide, said on Wednesday the head of the supply service at the Ministry of Health, Mahjoub Ahdi.

The chloroquine production unit in Casablanca has made it possible to make available a large stock of this substance, which is periodically distributed and regulated to all hospitals and university hospital centers (CHU) in the Kingdom, Ahdi said during the interactive meeting broadcast live by the Ministry of Health via its official Facebook page.

Despite the global issues and constraints related to the acquisition of this substance in this exceptional situation, the Ministry of Health is working to provide it in all regions of the Kingdom, he explained, noting that the ministry has entered into contracts with other suppliers of chloroquine and drugs related to the Covid-19 treatment protocol.

Ahdi noted that supplies continue as part of the overall mobilization at central and regional levels to provide medicines and all personal protective equipment for professionals in the Ministry of Health.

The official indicated, in this regard, that the ministry made two types of masks (surgical and FFP2) available to professionals in the health sector, and distributed these supplies to the regional delegations of the ministry, according to a common perspective with the military medical professionals, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions, in order to create a dynamic allowing all medical professionals to have access to all medical supplies.

In order to meet the growing demand for this material, coordination has been carried out with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy to allow certain textile factories to manufacture medical masks, coveralls, protective shoes and helmets, which will be made available at the national level, according to technical and scientific measures, noted Ahdi, signaling that these factories constantly supply the central warehouses of the Ministry of Health with these supplies.

He also added that immediately after the announcement of the national plan for monitoring and responding to Coronavirus infection at the national level, there was a positive interaction with all government sectors to enact a law aimed at simplification of the procedure for the supply and acquisition of drugs and medical supplies, to conclude agreements as quickly as possible in order to procure drugs.

In the part of live interaction with citizens’ questions, the head of the supply service at the Ministry of Health highlighted the following points:

– Medical equipment and masks imported from China meet all international quality standards.

– Recently acquired Covid-19 infection detection devices have been distributed to screening centers and laboratories of the Ministry of Health in the various regions of the Kingdom to diagnose this epidemic.

– Chloroquine is not only used in the treatment of Covid-19, and will therefore be supplied to other patients with a medical prescription.

– The Ministry of Health has a strategy of supplying medical masks and protective supplies to anyone in direct or indirect contact with the health sector, which enables the private health sector to conclude contracts for purchase of personal protective equipment to make it available to all private clinics (general medicine or dentistry, …).

– The rise in prices for medical masks and other protective equipment is normal given the increased world demand.

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