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Coca-Cola Morocco presents its “summer initiatives”

Yesterday in Casablanca, Coca-Cola Morocco has invited the press to present its plans for the summer. As part of a “marketing 2.0” strategy, Coca Cola Morocco’s “summer initiatives” focus on three aspects that Imane Belmejdoub, Marketing Director of the brand, presented.

The first part involves the launch of three new products during the three summer months: Coca Cola Peach, Hawaii Pineapple and Sprite Lemon Mint. These three products are, according to the marketing director of Coca-Cola Morocco, a logic that consists of “reinventing themselves, doing things differently, and keeping a young image” of a brand that has exceeded one hundred years of existence.

The second component is to provide consumers with bracelets. These give access to the fun zones of Coca-Cola, on many beaches of the country, including spaces of: “free-fall, space of games, …”, said the director.

The third part of the “summer initiatives” is partnerships with other operators. First, a first partnership with Careem, in order to facilitate consumer access to fun zones, “with advantageous rates”, she wants to clarify. The second is to deliver McDonald’s meals, “historic partner of Coca-Cola”, with another partner: Jumia, running the summer, in the fun zones.

Recycle bottles and corks

For this summer season, Coca-Cola will also look at the “sustainable development” aspect, through the collection of bottles and corks, with a view to recycling. An experiment in the image of another initiative, which had been launched 12 years ago, in Agadir, entitled “I love my beach”. Objective: “to sensitize summer visitors, with the help of young students, who are formed by associations”.

In this sense, and “over the period 2012-2018, Coca-Cola -I Love My Beach- has totaled more than 400 days of cleaning and awareness raising, mobilizing nearly 200 young beach leaders. More than 1,200 bins have been deployed and nearly 68,000 bags of waste collected totaling more than 560 tons. During these editions, more than 285,000 people have been sensitized,” said Coca-Coca Morocco.

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