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Compulsory Military service: Number of waiver requests

Some 30,000 applications for compulsory military service have been filed, along with the necessary certified documents, according to media.

These requests were sent to the administrative authorities concerned or to the headquarters of the prefectures, regions and districts where the applicants for the exemption reside.

It should be pointed out that the number of potential candidates subject to compulsory military service greatly exceeded the 130,000 young people who completed the questionnaire, including 15,000 girls who spontaneously responded to the call of national duty.

The same source recalls that the initial number planned was 120,000 candidates and it was revised upward (150,000), given the success of the desire of citizens to benefit from military service with young Moroccans.

As a result, a new commission has been appointed so that more precise criteria can guarantee a balance between regions and equal opportunities in order to constitute the first 20019 contingent of conscripts.

As for requests for exemption from military service, they will be examined by a commission of the Ministry of the Interior. This, in accordance with the conditions laid down by the law concerning the exemption.

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