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Compulsory Military service: The census will be completed soon

The Minister of the Interior informs the young people called to fill the census form relating to the military service for the year 2019, and who have not done it yet, that the delay reserved for this operation will end on Friday June 7, 2019 at midnight.

As part of the preparations for this operation, the Minister of the Interior calls, in a statement, the persons concerned to fill out their forms on the e-mail address “www.tajnid.ma”, before the aforementioned date. Young people of both sexes, who have not been called to perform this service for the current year and wish to do so, can also complete the form through the same site.

In addition, it adds, young people who are called to benefit from an exemption for one of the reasons defined by the law on military service, and who have not yet filed their requests for exemption, must do so as soon as possible to the local administrative authority, to the headquarters of the prefecture, to the province or to the level of the municipalities to which their domicile belongs, enclosing with their requests the supporting documents.

Requests for exemption will be reviewed by provincial boards that will decide on their subjects after the expiry of the census period.

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