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COP25: The torch “Light us” leaves Casablanca

The sailboat “Regina Maris” left on Monday, the port of Casablanca to Sao Paulo (Brazil), as part of the journey of the torch “Light us” to Santiago, where will take place the Conference of Parties of the convention Framework for Climate Change (COP25), 2-3 December.

Launched by the Mediterranean Intelligence and Public Affairs Institute (MIPAI), an association representing Mediterranean youth working on climate action, this photovoltaic and intelligent torch, which the parties involved are transmitting symbolically to each new edition of the COP, will, subsequently, transported overland by electric bus to the Chilean capital.

For this year, the initiative of the “Light us” rally, which is in its 4th edition, is placed under the theme “youth source of innovation”, with a view to highlighting the involvement of young people in the preservation of the environment.

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