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Coronavirus: Biomedical maintenance, a pillar for hospitals

The mobilization of the medical profession in this period of pandemic is not limited to doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses. Other practitioners ensure the installation of new equipment and the smooth running of services with an impact on the quality of services, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

This is the case for biomedical teams responsible for hospital maintenance and medical devices. They are currently on the front line to complete the protocol put in place by the health department and effectively fight against the coronavirus.

All covid-19 hospitals in the Kingdom (a total of 48) have received medical devices to welcome patients in the best conditions. The new equipment concerns electric beds, multi-parameter monitors, syringe pumps, resuscitation respirators, surgical aspirators, mobile radios, scanners and reprographics. The management of this equipment is the responsibility of the biomedical players, at the front end or even behind the scenes to ensure the management and proper functioning of this equipment.

“Our role, under normal conditions, is to ensure preventive maintenance of biomedical equipment which is done quarterly and to intervene for curative maintenance in the event of a breakdown,” explains Adnane Bentaleb biomedical maintenance engineer. But today, in these pandemic times, these biomedical maintenance teams are redoubling their efforts and vigilantly watch over the proper functioning of new equipment, the maintenance of equipment in place, the provision and monitoring of training while facilitating coordination between medical teams, suppliers and administrators.

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