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Coronavirus: Care of patients at home in Morocco

The Minister of Health has sent a circular to all the departments under his supervision and recommends that patients whose clinical condition is favorable, be sent home for home confinement. It is a decision of the scientific committee which intervenes following the constant changes in the epidemiological situation in Morocco.

Director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, Mohamed Lyoubi, explained that there have been several revisions to the protocol for the management of patients tested positive for covid-19, since the start of the pandemic in Morocco. Often, the scientific committee, before pronouncing, takes into account “the development of the epidemiological situation, the state of advancement of knowledge on the virus, on the disease, the scientific documentation which is regularly published”.

Thus, during the last committee meeting, several biological criteria, such as “the very good clinical progress of the patients as well as the negativity of the clinical tests”, made it possible to “review the criteria for discharge from the hospital and to recommend others, namely a period of confinement at home”.

However, Mohamed Lyoubi assures that the rule according to which “the patient tested positive for covid-19 is initially treated by the hospital”, has not changed. According to him, the patient “is taken care of upon suspicion, even before confirmation by the laboratory”. He said that “going to the hospital for a period of ten days is mandatory, since the treatment of covid-19 takes 10 days”. When the patient fulfills the conditions of home confinement, he is released.

In the patient’s home, “the conditions of physical distancing and barrier gestures must be respected. He must be installed alone, in a well-ventilated room,” said the director of epidemiology. Only under these conditions can the patient benefit from home confinement.

When the decision to change the management protocol was announced, some believed that its high cost would be due. In response to this concern, Mohamed Lyoubi ensures that this aspect is in no way taken into account. “We take into consideration what is, medically speaking, the best for public health and to prevent the spread of the virus. So, in 10 days of treatment, there is a clinical improvement (the patient has a low chance of spreading the disease ); we give ourselves 14 additional days at home if the conditions are met”, specifies the same source.

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