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Coronavirus: China offers medical equipment to Morocco

The Chinese government has donated medical equipment to several Arab countries, including Morocco, as part of the fight against the coronavirus.

According to the channel “International China”, a RAM plane was in Beijing to retrieve the said material and landed on March 23 in Casablanca.

China, reports the same source, has offered Morocco 15,000 pairs of gloves, 20,000 N95 sanitary masks, 2,000 medical uniforms and other equipment. On the same day, Chinese companies based in Morocco decided, for their part, to donate 5,000 coronavirus screening tests to the Kingdom. These have already been sent to laboratories in different cities in Morocco.

An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not fail to thank China for these donations, recalling that this gesture is part of the friendship that unites the two countries.

Recall that 55 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus have been confirmed in Morocco in the last 24 hours, bringing to 225 the total number of cases of contamination. The number of deaths from the virus is six, while the number of cases cured so far is seven.

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