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Coronavirus: Hospitals in Morocco overwhelmed

Moroccan hospitals are running out of steam in the face of cases of contamination. To solve the problem and allow all patients to benefit from their right to quality care, the government has built field hospitals in certain health establishments.

In one month, the number of contamination in Morocco exceeded that recorded for almost four months. The day after the confinement was lifted, some have completely forgotten the barrier gestures and preventive measures. As a result, foci of contamination have been detected all over Morocco. In a report, media showed the crowd in “La Mamounia”, where sick people are lying on the floor.

Located in Marrakech, “La Mamounia” is the only hospital in the city to receive patients for a Covid-19 consultation. Overwhelmed doctors confide that the situation exceeds anything that had been imagined, even at the critical time of the pandemic. “La Mamounia” receives nearly 100 people with Covid-19 a day, where are we going to put all these people? Asks a doctor visibly concerned by the surge in confirmed cases crossing the hospital threshold in search of a cure.

At Mohammed VI University Hospital, where patients are hospitalized, the situation is just as critical. A field hospital has been set up with a capacity of 100 beds equipped with oxygen. It is located in the parking lot of the Hospital Ibn Tofail. The government has set up these health units all over Morocco. In Casablanca, there are eleven equipped health structures. In Médiouna, work is underway to set up a field hospital with a capacity of 40 beds.

Apart from that, the government since August 20, has strengthened measures to curb the spread of the virus in Casablanca and Marrakech as in other cities where travel is prohibited. Between closure of beaches, closure no later than 4 p.m. of shops, cafes and restaurants, the authorities continue to strengthen existing measures for the well-being of the population.

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