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Coronavirus: Is Morocco heading towards an extension of containment?

At the time when several countries have renewed the confinement of their population for fear of a new setback and a failure in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, the Moroccans are awaiting an announcement that will give them more visibility on the future epidemiological situation in the country.

While the curve of new cases of coronavirus continues to be ascending, with in recent days daily reports of transmissions of viral pneumonia of the covid-19 type of three digits, the question of the prolongation of confinement is definitively posed, but the decision is based on forecasts and the evolution of the country’s epidemiological situation.

While countries like Denmark have announced a gradual resumption of nurseries and schools in April, many parents will not allow their children to return to school for fear of the risks this poses for them. In France and Germany, the choice of a renewed containment of the population was made despite the recession that threatens the economy.

In Morocco, while there are only a few days before the deadline, that of the end of confinement (April 20), the population is in doubt and, the director of Epidemiology within the Ministry of Health Mohamed Lyoubi considers that “it is still premature so that we can project ourselves”.

“There are a number of preliminary indicators, but which we cannot share at the moment,” he said.

While it was planned, last week, to share the minimum and maximum forecasts on the epidemiological situation of the country in order to know if the measures undertaken by the kingdom such as the closing of the borders, the closing of classes and sanitary confinement, have borne fruit, the chief of Epidemiology has acknowledged that “there have been changes in guidelines, directions and new parameters” which have been added to the previous data.

“In the meantime, there was the mask-wearing effect that had to be taken into account in the models we use. There is the rigor parameter in respecting the containment, is it 100% respected or not that should also be taken into account. There was the impact and the treatment effect and therapeutic protocol that we adopted, the first results of which we had to see and introduce into the model. There is the extension effect of the diagnostic offer in the laboratory,” he explained.

And to add that we still have to give ourselves time in relation to these new parameters that come into play “in order to be able to announce something that would be much closer to reality instead of saying something that will turn out by wrong result”.

“The deconfinement, I cannot speak in relation to that, because first of all I am only a director of a department of epidemiology which monitors and which proposes measures in relation to the follow-up of contacts, by with regard to care, which standardizes a certain number of things, including for example what must be done in relation to the protection of people who care for the sick, but I am not in charge of what relates containment and deconfinement”, said Mohamed Lyoubi concerning the possibility of considering deconfinement in the coming days.

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