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Coronavirus: Mobile laboratories for screening tests in Morocco

In addition to the preventive health measures taken by the authorities, in order to stem the risk of transmission of covid-19, Morocco has also thought of the screening tests concerning the entourage of people who contracted the disease.

Thus, the National Institute of Hygiene lent a hand to the various laboratories of the Kingdom which risked not being able to respond to all requests.

And in collaboration with the Moroccan Association for Health and Social Solidarity, a mobile laboratory was commissioned in mid-March and is currently located in El Hajeb, after passing through the cities of Sefrou, Ifrane and Azrou.

A second mobile laboratory has been used, the past week, in collaboration with the Agency for the promotion and economic development of the southern provinces of the Kingdom. This mobile unit, which was designed and used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in the provinces of the Moroccan Sahara, was transformed in five days, in Casablanca, into a laboratory for coronavirus screening tests.

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