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Coronavirus: More than a million tests carried out in Morocco

Morocco has strengthened its screening strategy by performing 1128190 tests to date, the health ministry announced on Saturday.

“From May 20, Morocco has strengthened its screening strategy, increasing to an average of 20000 tests per day,” said the head of the information and communication division at the Ministry of Health, Dr.Jamila Jbili, noting that 1128190 tests have been carried out to date. Since the discovery of the first case of Covid-19 in early March 2020 in Morocco, the number of people affected has significantly increased since last April, following the outbreak of epidemic foci, before stabilizing in June, according to the health manager.

“The number of positive cases has increased again since deconfinement, on June 10,” she noted, adding that this increase is due to four main reasons. This involves strengthening screening for early detection of the virus, deconfinement, release and non-compliance with barrier measures.

As of July 12, the people most affected are those between 30 and 55 years old, said Dr.Jbili, explaining that the increase in the number of young people affected by the virus by the strengthening of screening in industrial units. In addition, a large number of healings were recorded during the first two weeks of July.

These are asymptomatic cases in the Lalla Mimouna cluster near Kenitra. As for the mortality rate, it is 1.6% in Morocco against 4.2% worldwide. As for the remission rate, it is 59.6% worldwide, against 84.6% in the Kingdom, she noted. To date, Morocco has registered 17015 cases confirmed to Covid-19, including 269 deaths and 14620 people recovered.

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