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Coronavirus: Morocco now has 28 positive cases

The number of positive coronavirus cases is now 28, the ministry announced on Sunday. There is still one death and one case that has gone out of business. While 122 people are under observation.

On Saturday, the head of government noted that all the measures taken so far by the Kingdom are preventive measures which aim to avoid the worsening of the situation, calling on all citizens to respect these measures.

El Othmani pointed out that some 970 beds are reserved for cases who may be infected with the coronavirus, and 250 beds in intensive care units for severe cases in all regions of the Kingdom, noting that the measures taken through Morocco will allow the country to control the spread of this pandemic.

And to add that the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom is only at the first phase and that there is no epicenter of the epidemic in Morocco, as long as the majority of the cases recorded are people from abroad.

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