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Coronavirus: Morocco ranks 92nd in the world for its response

A new study by the Deep Knowledge Group places Morocco 92nd out of 200 countries, in terms of health security and the effectiveness of prevention and care systems under the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The kingdom is also 50th for the containment imposed against this health crisis.

In terms of health security and effectiveness of prevention and care systems against the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the new study by the Deep Knowledge Group, specialized in the analysis of scientific data, published a few days ago, ranks Morocco 92nd in the world.

This study is designed to classify, analyze and classify the economic, social and health stability achieved by 200 regions, countries and territories, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or risks they possess and face in this health crisis.

The kingdom thus obtains 465 points on a scale of 1000 points, in this study which was based on several criteria. Morocco thus ranks 50th with 104 points for containment, 84th place for government effectiveness in risk management (107 points) and 45th worldwide (94 points) for surveillance and coronavirus detection.

Morocco is also 96th for health care preparation, 90th for regional flexibility and 88th for emergency preparedness.

Less positive results for Morocco

The report places Morocco in the third category, which includes 60 countries whose common denominator is that they “recorded less positive results” in the face of this pandemic.

The first category includes 20 countries, which have been able to respond exceptionally to the epidemic and are able to control it, while the second category includes 20 countries with “relatively good” results. The fourth category includes 100 countries that have failed to provide reliable data related to the situation of this pandemic.

Compared to its Arab neighbors, Morocco ranks 11th in the MENA region, behind the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan. The kingdom is thus ahead of Algeria (93rd), Libya, Mauritania, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Switzerland ranked first in the world, followed by Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Spain comes in 45th place, ahead of Italy (53rd), the United States of America (58th), France (60th) and the United Kingdom (68th).

The bottom of the ranking is occupied respectively by Liberia, Afghanistan, Chad, Mali, Rwanda and South Sudan.

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